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Reports Verbal / Radio

1. Contact Report

Utilize the 3 Ds (Distance, Direction, and Description).

2. ACE report

Ammo, Casuality, and Equipment. After every engagement ACE report should be requested by the leader.

  1. Ammunition
    1. Green: > 75% Ammo
    2. Red: < 50% Ammo
    3. Black: < 25% Ammo
  2. Casualties
    1. Green: No Casualties
    2. Yellow: Casualties, but still combat effective
    3. Red: Casualties or KIA
  3. Equipment
    1. Green: All equipment functional
    2. Black: Out of equipment


9 Actual, this is 9-3, ACE report, Green, Green, Black. How copy, Over.
9-3, this 9 Actual, Roger that, Green, Green, Black. Over.
9 Actual, 9-3 Out..

3. Contact Report

Used when there is a contact with enemy.

This is 9-2, Break, Break, Contact Grd 941901, Over.


SALUTE: Size, Activity, Location, Unit (Suspected enemy unit), Time, and Equipment.
Remember, not to be used in contact.

9 Actual, This is 9-2, SALUTE report to follow, Over.
9-2, This is actual, ROGER That, Over.
This is 9-2,
SIERRA 2x Inf Fireteams, Break,
ALPHA Setting up defensive position, Break,
LIMA Grd 042 091 NE, Break,
TANGO 1245, Break,
ECHO 2x RPG and 1x RPK, Over.
9-2, ROGER, Out.